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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

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Welcome to our "In The Know" section designed to keep you in the loop on all the latest from Irpinia. We're excited to provide you with exclusive content from Irpinia, our winemakers, beloved chefs and a chance to learn more about the wines in our club.

Views of the Irpinian countryside from the vineyard of Azienda Agricola Fiorentino
Irpinia Views

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We want you to feel like a part of the Irpinia community, so we'll be working to provide you a real life look at life in Irpinia. So from caffè moments to exploring all Irpinia has to offer, we'll bring it right to you!

We'll also be providing updates on tasting events, culinary opportunities, and updates on where you can find our wines around the country.

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Come visit us in Irpinia! We'd love to show you around and introduce you to our winemakers and chefs! Shoot us a note to learn more.

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