The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club Vol. 5 Tasting Notes

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Women Winemakers

This women winemaker led shipment is a terrific look at the various terroirs across Irpinia. You have 3 Taurasi wines and 3 amazing native white wines that are totally unique to Irpinia. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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As 2020 continues to be a year of unpredictable surprises, we have started organizing online wine tastings with Irpinia winemakers and we’ve partnered with Michelin recognized restaurants in Irpinia to bring Italian cooking classes into your home. Interested? Send me a note and let’s get something set up!


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Here’s a little more on the wines and wineries you’re meeting in this shipment…

Cantina Lonardo:

“You can’t just look to the past, you have to move forward. You have to try new things to bring out the best in the wines.” - Sandro Lonardo

This small family winery was founded by the Lonardo family, residents of Taurasi since the 18th Century. They have been making wine in their family for generations, but it was in 1998 when they started their own label. The winery is exclusively made up of family members who do everything from the working in the vineyards to the bottling of their wines. They’ve focused on expressing their love for the grapes and the land they work in every bottle of wine. They’re known for producing top quality wines, but aren’t afraid to experiment with winemaking and grape growing techniques, all done with the utmost respect for winemaking traditions. They’re also one of the only wineries in the world to craft a Grecomusc’ wine from ancient Ravello vines in the area.

Tasting Notes

Taurasi: You’re instantly going to notice the gorgeous ruby ​​red color of this wine in your glass followed by aromas of cherries and other ripe red fruits. You might even get a little tobacco and spice from this wine, a signature of the Taurasi growing region for which the wine is named. It’s intense, but friendly to drink and of course the signature Taurasi tannins will be on full display. Fermentation and maceration with skin contact was 15 days in steel tanks before the wines aged in large format oak barrels 24 months. This wine was not clarified or filtered before aging in the bottle all these years. Serve at room temperature or just below and enjoy with just about anything.

Grecomusc’: There are only three wineries in the world that I know of that craft wine from this ancient grape native to Irpinia, and Cantina Lonardo is one of them. Technically made from a grape called Rovello, but known as Grecomusc’ in the Italian dialect spoken in the community of Taurasi where it can be found, this white wine has been saved from extinction in large part by Cantina Lonardo and another Taurasi winery, Fratelli Addimando (coming to wine club in 2021!). It’s terrific in structure, a gorgeous honey yellow color in your glass, but by no means a sweet wine. This wine is bursting with acidity to balance out those honey notes and despite the extraordinary structure to this wine, it’s pretty easy porch drinking. I’m always left with the mental image of sitting on a dock on a bay, and you just want to relax and finish this bottle. A fresh young cheese is going to add a level of enjoyment you don’t want to miss out on, and I’m usually nibbling away like a little mouse when I open up one of these bottles. Serve with your favorite Italian cheeses chilled to about 55 degrees.

Antico Castello:

Brother and sister, Francesco and Chiara Romano, decided to remain in their beloved Irpinia and continue what their parents started: a new winery focused on the best of Irpinia. The winery was founded in 2006 by their father, Franco, and mother, Fiorenza, and is the only winery in San Mango sul Calore, a town included in the DOCG Taurasi area. This area was completely devastated by a 1980 earthquake and admirably rebuilt, leading to the winery name "Antico Castello" in memory of a feudal castle in the area before the earthquake. The family is dedicated to growing only the highest quality grapes to produce wines that are some of the best representation of Irpinian traditions.

Tasting Notes

Taurasi: This Taurasi is made 100% from Aglianico grapes grown in San Agata in clay soil at 450 meters above seal level. These grapes were harvested by hand in the last days of October during a tough year for winemakers (more below). Fermentation and maceration took place during a 30 day period at controlled temperatures and were then aged 24 months aging in 2500 L oak casks. Finally, this wine rested in bottle for 4 years before being put on the market. You’ll instantly notice the ruby red color and note intense scents of red fruits and cinnamon spice. This wine is enveloping and velvety to taste, but at the same time dry and warm, soft and tannic. It expresses the power of its structure with a great equilibrium. Serve just below room temperature. Pair with steak or Italian cheeses.