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Finding Something to Celebrate

This shipment has something to put a smile on every face! Whether you’re looking for the perfect sparkling wine to make any day a celebration or reds to cozy up with next to a fire, we’ve got you covered. PLUS - ALL WINE CLUB MEMBERS NOW RECEIVE 10% OFF ADDITIONAL BOTTLES OF WINES FEATURED IN THE CLUB. Because we all need something good to look forward to in 2021.

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Here’s a little more on the wines and wineries you’re meeting in this shipment!

Cantina DeSantis:

This family run winery is specializing in red wines all crafted from the Irpinia Aglianico grape, the way they’ve been doing for generations. But unlike the wines from the Alta Irpinia area (Montemarano, Castelfranci, and Paternopoli), these great reds will have a slightly different taste because of the vineyard’s location in Montemiletto. In addition to the signature tannins and acidity, these big red wines will also feature notes of tobacco as you sip them, a signature of the area’s terroir.

Tasting Notes

Taurasi: So I went back into my tasting notes to help you get a better feel for this Taurasi and here’s a description I found: “it’s a wooden cart on a train steam engine.” If you can figure out what I was trying to tell you, I’ll give you a free shipment of wines. Lesson learned: don’t taste 15 other wines before writing tasting notes. That said, I can tell you this big wine is a treat, and you’re going to love the flavors that jump out from the glass. This Taurasi was aged in a mixture of steel tanks and wooden barrels (both large and small format) and it’s fruit forward splashed with the unmistakable trademark notes of tobacco from this growing region. Pair this wine with an aged Italian cheese and salumi or grilled meats of your choice. You can also leave this wine in your cellar for another 5-10 years without thinking twice.

Irpinia Aglianico: This Irpinia Aglianico is extremely drinkable and enjoyable today, and will also be great for another 2-3 years. You won’t miss any of the signature tannins or acidity from an Irpinia Aglianico, but this wine starts out a little softer, pulling you deeper into the bottle with each sip you take. You’ll note the cherries and red fruits, and fewer hints of tobacco than evident in the Taurasi. Drink this bottle on its own in front of the fire, or pair with your favorite Italian salumi and cheeses. Perfect with that plate of pasta at lunch or on its own anytime of the day.

Corte Dei Roberto:

Founded in Greci, this winery sits on the historic road that leads from Irpinia to Puglia, with the winery just a stone's throw to the boundary between the two territories. The winery doesn’t use any chemicals in the vineyard or in the winemaking process thanks to Eva Roberts, who at 21 convinced her family they needed to be the first winemakers to specialize in a Metodo Classico featuring native Irpinia grapes. Nine years later, they’re winning awards and producing incredible sparkling wines.

Don’t serve this wine too cold, and you’re going to want to give it a minute in your glass after a first taste.

Tasting Notes

Metodo Classico: After 27 months of aging, this sparkling blend of 60% Fiano di Avellino, 15% Greco di Tufo, and 25% Piedirosso will have your mouth watering from the first whiff. It’s crisp, clean, and floral with a hint of honey, that first sip will have you thinking of white sheets snapping in the wind. It’s pretty perfectly elegant and mineral with terrific longevity. There is a great acidity that cleans the palate and ends almost a little salty. The best part is you’re going to want to drink it all. Pairs perfectly with aged italian cheeses, salumi, and oysters.

Riserva: This bottle of bubbles is an assemblage of 50% Fiano di Avellino, 40% Piedirosso, and 10% Greco di Tufo grapes aged over 37 months. When you first smell the bouquet of the wine you’re going to get strong minerality (I felt like I was on the rocks of an old quarry staring into a swimming hole) and after it opens even just 30 more seconds you’re going to note the hints of honey. When you taste this wine, you’ll note the balanced acidity and the floral finish. This will clean your palate, it has a terrific longevity, and it’s way too easy to drink the full bottle.

Pair with your favorite seafood - I particularly recommend oysters or other raw shellfish as well as fried anchovies or calamari. Also, Eva recommends pairing this bottle with a margherita pizza. I’ll second that counsel.

Il Cancelliere:

You’ve had the wines from Il Cancelliere before, but this is the first time you’re tasting their Irpinia Aglianico, “Gioviano.” You’ll remember they’re located in the heart of Montemarano, and the family winery was founded by Soccorso Romano, whose nickname is Il Cancelliere, hence the name of the winery. Their natural winemaking process is based on traditional Irpinia wine making techniques that Soccorso learned from his father, and these lessons serve as the foundation for all they do.

Tasting Notes

Irpinia Aglianico “Gioviano” 2017: This Irpinia Aglianico could easily age another 10 years without losing a beat. (Their 2006 version of this wine is stunning today.) Perfectly balanced, structured, fruit forward with hints of cherry and strawberry, and beautiful in the glass. It will open nicely during the hours and days after you first open the bottle. This will pair amazing with a tomato based pasta or grilled meats. You can let this wine sit in your cellar for 10-15 years without losing anything from this wine. It’s a stunner.

Azienda Agricola Fiorentino:

You’ll remember this wonderful winery is located in the small village of Paternopoli and how this family-owned winery is a tie between past and present. Gianni and his family focused on creating an environmentally friendly winery to pay tribute back to the land they love so much, while preserving the traditions of winemaking passed down in their family for generations. The unique architecture, amazing views, and warm family welcome offered at the winery are topped only by the taste of their three wines.

Tasting Notes

Taurasi: This award winning wine is a deep red with a pale rim, made exclusively from Aglianico grapes in Irpinia. You’ll note hints of super-ripe red cherry and sweet herb aromas complicated by notes of boysenberry liqueur and herbs. Smooth and dense but juicy, developing an increasingly tactile backbone to the super-ripe, liqueur-like red cherry and dark fruit flavors. This will finish long and peppery in the mouth. The wine is made from vines that are 15-20 years old and it has been age about one-and-a half years in large 25-Hl oak barrels. Total aging time is 4 years before coming to market and you can easily keep this in your cellar another 10 years before drinking.

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