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La Cantina di Enza
Corte dei Roberto
Cantina Lonardo, Il Cancelliere, Cantina DeSantis

Our Wine Club

The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club is focused on sourcing only the best representations of Irpinia wine from family-run small production wineries and bringing them to the USA. We only send Irpinia wines made with total respect and reverence for the grapes and the land they're grown on using the generations of family experience these winemakers bring to their cellars. 


But we want you to experience more than just the amazing wines from this region, we want to transport you to Irpinia. Find out why these wines are being picked up by top restaurants and praised by wine enthusiasts around the world. Join the club today, drink incredible wines, and support traditional winemaking at its best. 



No chemicals, no additives, just amazing wines from the Italian South. Yet, these wines are virtually impossible to find outside of Irpinia.

From vineyard to bottle, we only work with winemakers committed to continuing the winemaking traditions of generations past. Total respect for the winemaking process from their vineyards to the wines that arrive at your door. With a focus on quality over quantity, these "cantinas" epitomize the best representations of the native Irpinian grapes they're made from start to finish.

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